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Implementation with Elliptic Curves
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How to install the module:

Download the sources of the branch 1.4 of GnuPG.
Download the elliptic curve modul

Take reference in the directory '/orig' as a compilation base.
The directori '/dest' is the point where we like to put the installation.

0. Go to /orig (where we have the last downloads).
1. Untar the main sources:
$ tar xjf gnupg-1.4.x.tar.bz2
2. Uncompress the module:
$ bunzip gnupg-1.4.x-ecc0.2.y.diff.bz2
3. Patch the module:
$ patch -p0 < gnupg-1.4.x-ecc0.2.y.diff
4. Compile the sources:
$ cd gnupg-1.4.x
$ ./configure --prefix=/dest
$ make
$ make install
Now we can use the GnuPG with elliptic curve module, and try it with:
$ /dest/bin/gpg --version

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