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Implementation with Elliptic Curves
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Description & objectives:

The Elliptic Curve Cryptographic schemes are tested and cryptanalysised for a longtime. This schemes are an extensions of the very knowns modern schemes, but the elliptic curve cryptosystems are mounted over different mathematical bases and, at the beginning, ECC are more strong than another modern schemes.

The ECC due to it flexibility to all knowledge attacks and it little key measure, it is the best scheme for the systems that it have hard limitations of computation and/or bandwidth. Now, this scheme are very extended over hardware systems, for example the smart cards.

In the software implementations field this scheme has had very smaller expansion, and it live in a background. For this reason, the majority part of the users of the hard cryptography do not dispose, in their most extended softwares, the possibility of Elliptic Curve uses.

Werner Koch began the implementation of a software, based on OpenPGP, that he should set free under GPL license, named GnuPG (Gnu Privacy Guard). This software is the free software option before the commercial software wrote, some years before, by Phil Zimmermann, named PGP (Pretty Good Privacy). Now, the functionalities of both softwares (GnuPG and PGP) are similar, but GnuPG do not implement any patented algorithm.

The werner's project is demonstrating its maturity as software with the stable versions 1.4.x. This software was create together the developer team: Matthew Skala, Michael Roth, Niklas Hernaeus, Rémi Guyomarch and Werner Koch, and the contribution of the developers mail list members <gnupg-devel at>.

GnuPG software offer tools of hard cryptography, over modern schemes (except patented), for example the ElGamal scheme for the cipher tool, and the DSA scheme for the sign tool.

The present project implement the schemes of the public key cryptography with elliptic curves over the free software named GnuPG. The objective, at the users side (as well as the present users of GnuPG, as much as the users of another cryptographic softwares, including the new users that now do not have a definitive software chosen) is offer the possibility to use a new hard cryptography option over elliptic curve. I option allow that all people have the robustness that this system bring to the public key cryptosystems.

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