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Implementation with Elliptic Curves
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Report on 28/Aug/2007. Mikael Mylnikov sent code solving much memory leaks.
Published on data 9/nov/2007.

Report a 30/mar/2007:
Error in the memory wipe of a secure buffers. The used size could be not correct for certain architectures.
Solved on 3/abr/2007, 0.1.7 and 0.2.0beta2.

Report de Gary D. Huffman, II a 9/Feb/2007:
Corrupt messatges that broke instant messages between to Jabber acounts using curves as a cypher system. It seems to happen more frequently with small messages, but that may just be coincidence.

Attention! a 00/gen/2005:
Changes in the encrypt and decrypt schemes make unreadable all earlier encrypted files.

Report a 24/des/2004:
Transcription error in the parameter 'b' of the 521 bits NIST curves.
Solved on 24/des/2004.

Report at 7/des/2004:
It can not share the keys with the public key servers.
This servers need to know more about the keys with Elliptic Curves.

Report of Mikael Mylnikov at 7/nov/2004:
The ECElGamal Scheme presents a weakness related to the IFP. It is little probable, but possible, it can appear the worse one of the cases with the most important secret.
We search an alternative to the product operation by one that profit the AES.
Solved on 24/nov/2004.

Report of Mikael Mylnikov at 14/oct/2004:
It always verify the signatures, even when the message has been modified!
Fixed on 6/nov/2004.

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